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Client Management

Relationships Don't Just Happen.

Any relationship requires constant nurturing. See how our CRM can help keep you connected.


Know Who, When, and Where.

Your contact list is the future of your business, engaging with them throughout the various stages in the home ownership life cycle is critical.

  1. See your clients' every move: listings they look at, searches performed, and properties loved.
  2. Track all of your emails and conversations.
  3. Follow up on tasks and events.
  4. Keep track of client specific documents.


Keep Everyone In The Loop.

You've worked hard to sell that house, now make sure the final closing steps go smoothly by keeping all parties fully involved in the transaction process. Stay on top of tasks and critical events, upload and store the necessary documents, log notes and conversations. Once you've closed, archive the transaction for reference later on.

Action Plans

Save Time, Be Consistent.

Pre-built action plans, customized to the way you run your business. With one click, quickly apply plans to a contact or property. Ensure your agents are following the same steps to reduce inconsistency in training.

Task Management

Do you waste time organizing sticky notes, searching your email and apps for to-dos, and trying to figure out what to work on first? You need a solution to prioritize your tasks, manage your time, and keep clients informed.

Gmail Sync

Calendars, Contacts, Devices Unified.

We use the power of Google to keep all your contacts, events, and tasks in sync. Send and receive emails, track client communications, and sync events from blueroof CMA to your google account and devices — all through our CRM.

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